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All About Whippets


Physically similar but much smaller than a greyhound, the slender, graceful Whippet has a lean form, long legs, and sleek curves.  Whippets have the ability to accelerate and run at a fast pace, turn quickly while holding its balance, due to their powerful back legs and flexibility.  Slightly shorter than long, the Whippet has a square frame and streamlined elegance.  They have a graceful arched neck, broad, long back, deep chest and a retracted abdomen.  The Whippet’s dense, short, fine coat comes in mixed or solid slate blue, tigered white, fawn, red, black, and brindle colors.


The Whippet is an affectionate, intelligent dog that is normally very calm and quiet in the home and extremely devoted to their human family and friendly to visitors.  They have a sweet temperament and are good with children as long as they do not tease or roughhouse with the dog.  Although they learn quickly, Whippets have an independent streak and require gentle training, as they are both mentally and physically sensitive.  These quiet dogs are happiest and best adapted for living in an apartment or house with human companionship as house pets and cannot withstand exposure to cold or sun for any length of time.  The Whippet does require daily exercise.

Grooming & Shedding

Whippets have a short, fine, smooth coat that requires very little grooming and are virtually odor free.  Brush them occasionally with a firm bristle brush and keep their coat gleaming by a regular rubdown using a damp chamois.  Whippets are average shedders and require bathing only when necessary.


There are many visual renderings of small hounds, which looked like greyhounds, dating all the way back to the Roman times.  Whippets are sight hounds developed in England by crossing the terrier, Italian greyhound, and greyhound towards the end of the eighteen hundreds.  In England in the nineteenth century, they considered Whippet racing a national sport.  It was not until 1890 that they granted the modern Whippet entrance to the English Kennel Club and the breed officially recognized, making Whippets eligible in dog show competitions.  This was also the beginning of keeping the Whippets pedigree records.  At that time, dog fanciers took early specimens from the racetrack and exported them worldwide.  Of all the sighthound breeds, the Whippet soon became the most popular because of its versatility as a racing, hunting, companion, and exhibition dog.

Health Issues

  • Major Concerns: none
  • Minor Concerns: skin injuries, sensitive to anesthesia
  • Occasionally seen: deafness and eye defects
  • Suggested tests: hearing


Height 19-22 inches (47-56 cm)
Weight 25-45 pounds (11-21 kg)
Lifespan 12-15 years
Exercise Medium to High
Apartment Yes –with regular exercise
Families Yes
Young Children Yes
Need exercise space Yes – room to run in a small yard

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