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All About Saluki

salukiDescription of a Saluki

The Saluki is distinct among dog breeds in that it has both a unique appearance and a different running gait. The breed has the same general body shape as a Greyhound and is built for speed and grace. They also have a heavily feathered tail, ears and legs that make them distinct in appearance. There is a smooth variety that has much less feathering. The Saluki, when in a full run, actually has all four legs of the ground to allow maximum speed and ground coverage per stride. They have a long, tapering nose and very gentle looking eyes that are somewhat elongated in appearance. The coat colors include golden, white, fawn, grizzle, silver grizzle, deer grizzle and white, black and tan. The Saluki with a white patch on their heads, said to be the "Kiss of Allah" are thought to be blessed dogs by the Bedouin Tribes that originally bred this magnificent dog.

Temperament of a Saluki

The breed has been honed to chase and kill small animals for many centuries and still carries the prey instinct very strongly. They are not recommended for families with other non-canine pets or with dominant types of dogs. Most breeders recommend that Salukis be kept with other Salukis. Overall the breed is a good watchdog but can be timid if not properly socialized. They tend to be rather challenging to train as they respond very negatively to any type of punishment including raised or angry voices. The breed typically will bond very strongly to one person in the family but will be gentle and loving with everyone in the family. Although they love to be with people they are not demanding nor do they expect a lot of attention. They are not recommended for homes with small children as they are often startled by loud noises or movement.

Grooming & Shedding of a Saluki

A naturally odor-free dog, the Saluki requires minimal grooming. The short coated variety just needs weekly brushing with a bristle brush and the rough haired variety will need grooming every other day to prevent mats and tangles in the longer feathered hair. The ears must be checked for wax build up and infections, and the dogs should only be bathed when absolutely necessary to avoid damaging the silky hair. 

History of Saluki

The Saluki is believed to be the oldest recognized breed in the world, with depictions of a dog that looks identical to the modern Saluki found in Egyptian tombs and temples dating back to 2100 BC. In some tombs the bodies of the royal dogs were mummified with their owners, which provides an amazing insight into the value that the Egyptians placed on these beautiful animals. The breed in more recent times was used by the Bedouin people in a nomadic lifestyle and were hunters of gazelle, fox and hare. Currently the breed is used as a show dog, companion dog and also in dog racing.

Health Issues of the Saluki

  • Major Concerns: none
  • Minor Concerns: none, sensitivity to anesthesia
  • Occasionally seen: cardiomyopathy, cancer
  • Suggested none


Height 23-28 inches (58-71cm)
Weight 29-66 pounds (13-30kg)
Lifespan 12-14 years
Exercise High
Apartment No
Families Yes
Young Children No
Need exercise space Yes – large fenced yard

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