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All About Labradoodle


Description of a Labradoodle

The Australian Labradoodle, not to be confused with the mixed breed American Labradoodle, is a purebred dog under the Labradoodle Association of Australia. The Australian Labradoodle can be one of two sizes, standard or miniature. Both have the same curly coat that is thick and dense, with colors ranging from café, cream, apricot, black silver and chalk. The dogs are very athletic looking and sturdy, with strong front and back legs and a solid chest and deep ribcage. The head and face are covered with the same curly hair as the body, and the ears are folded over and hang down to frame the face. The tail is medium long with a slight curl upwards.

Temperament of a Labradoodle

The Labradoodle combines the wonderful, easy going temperament of the Labrador breed with the intelligence and low-allergy, no-shed coat of the poodle to create a dog that is easy to train and very intelligent. The Labradoodle is a great companion dog for children, families and other pets and is gentle and very affectionate. The Labradoodle is extremely easy to train and will often seem to be able to anticipate what owners want the dog to do. It is often used as a therapy dog and as an assistance dog for disabled people or individuals with special needs. The Labradoodle is not effective as a guard or watch dog as they have such a friendly personality that they welcome everyone.

Grooming & Shedding of a Labradoodle

The coat of the Labradoodle sheds extremely little, and is, like the poodle, considered a non-shedding breed. They do need regular brushing with a pin brush or stiff bristle brush to keep the coat free of debris and tangles. Many owners choose to clip the dogs especially in the hot summer months. They may be trimmed around the face for ease of care.

History of the Labradoodle

One of the first of the so called "designer dogs" Australian Labradoodles are now bred with each other, rather than being a first generation hybrid mix. The breed was originally started by Wally Conron of Australia to allow people with special needs to have a breed of guide or assistance dog that required very little care and shed almost no hair. The breed standard for the Australian Labradoodle was implemented in 1997 and has now become one of the breeds waiting recognition within various Kennel Clubs.

Health Issues with a Labradoodle

  • Major Concerns: canine hip dysplasia, patellar luxation
  • Minor Concerns: elbow dysplasia
  • Occasionally seen: von Willebrand's disease, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA)
  • Suggested tests: blood, hip, elbow

Characteristics of the Labradoodle

Height Standard 22-24 inches (53-60 cm) Miniature 17-22 inches (44-56 cm)
Weight Standard 45-77 pounds (20-35 kg) Miniature 30-50 pounds (14-25 kg)
Lifespan 13-15 years
Exercise High – regular frequent long walks
Apartment Yes – with regular exercise
Families Yes
Young Children Yes
Need exercise space Yes – ideally a medium sized yard

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