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Gate Dog Signs

Over 1500 Dogs go missing every year in the UK
(We don't have the figures for the US)
Surely these dogs are not lost. Well, sadly, probably not. You see if someone picks up a dog on the street and tries to sell it, maybe for drugs for example and they are caught, then no real crime was committed. Steal a mobile phone and try to sell it and the sentence is from Theft to Aggravated Robbery. People that need small amounts of money to get by daily run a low risk by picking up dogs and selling them on. Really, more often than not, the buyer thinks they are doing the dog a good turn. Keep your Affenpinscher safer with a For Dogs Sake! Gate Sign. Encourage callers to Shut your Gate so that your dog doesn't stray into the wrong hands. After-all your breed will be worth a little bit more to someone with cash on their mind.

Keep 'em Safer with a For Dogs Sake!® Dog Sign

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