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Fox Terrier

All About Smooth Fox Terrier

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Description of a Smooth Fox Terrier

The smooth coated Fox Terrier is a very muscular and athletic looking small dog. The coat of the smooth Fox Terrier is a bright white with black or brown spots and markings. The skull, unlike many breeds of terriers is rather flat and tapering rather than having a definite stop or division between the eye area and the muzzle. The flat skull highlights the very alert and intelligent dark eyes. The ears fold over to cover the ear in "V" shaped wedges. The Fox Terrier has a well developed neck that flows into strong shoulders and a well developed chest and body. For their size they are very powerful and energetic with boundless enthusiasm and affection.

Temperament of a Smooth Fox Terrier

The smooth Fox Terrier is an excellent dog for active families and individuals. They are very loyal and loving and highly protective of the family. Often the Fox Terrier will attack larger dogs and even other animals in an attempt to "defend" the family. They may be very aggressive towards other pets, especially non-canine animals such as cats, birds and ferrets. If properly socialized from a young age they will easily adapt to other pets and dogs in the house. The Fox Terrier is very intelligent and will sometimes try to dominant in the family, so they do require consistent training. As a natural hunter, they will need to be kept on a leash or in a well fenced yard to prevent them from chasing. They love to go for walks or runs and will eagerly play games of fetch with family members. Many owners report they are every easy to train and enjoy obedience training.

Grooming & Shedding of a Smooth Fox Terrier

A grooming mitt or slicker brush is all that is usually required to keep this average shedding dog looking wonderful. They should only be bathed when needed to avoid stripping the natural oils from the hair.

History the Smooth Fox Terrier

The Fox Terrier, as the name implies, was bred in the 18th century in England to hunt foxes. These brave little dogs would bark and nip at the fox until it bolted from its den or protected area, allowing the hunters to get a shot. Currently the Fox Terrier is bred as a companion dog but it is also ideal in athletic events, obedience trials and even fun competitions such as "Fly Dog" events.

Health Issues with a Fox Terrier, Smooth & Wire

  • Major Concerns: patella luxation, deafness in white dogs
  • Minor Concerns: cataracts, distichiasis
  • Occasionally seen: Legg-Perthes, shoulder dislocation
  • Suggested tests: blood, hearing

Characteristics of the Smooth Fox Terrier & Wire Fox Terrier

Height 13-16 inches (33-41 cm)
Weight 14-20 pounds (6-9 kg)
Lifespan Over 15 years
Exercise High
Apartment Yes – will self-exercise
Families Yes
Young Children Yes – with supervision
Need exercise space No –with regular exercise

All About Wire Fox Terrier


Description of a Fox Terrier

The wirehaired Fox Terrier has a rough looking, stand out coat that is coarse to the touch yet soft underneath. The breed is white with black or brown markings that can be found all over the body. The ears are alert with the top of the ear folding over, giving a unique appearance. The profile of the face is tapering or sloping, rather than with a definite stop as many of the other terrier breeds have. The nose itself is rather large and dark black, and the eyes are very round a well set into the face. The wiry hair around the eyes appears like eyebrows, and gives the dog a very intelligent and inquisitive appearance. They are muscular and athletic in build with a very thick neck that blends into sloping shoulders.

Temperament of a Fox Terrier

The wirehaired Fox Terrier has a very endearing personality. They love to be around people and need constant contact to prevent any disruptive or destructive behaviors from developing. They are naturally very aggressive and need to be socialized at an early age to prevent excessive aggression towards other dogs and animals. They can be very good companion dogs for other canines and even cats, but usually are not to be trusted around other types of house pets. Wirehaired Fox Terriers are very loyal and devoted dogs that love to please and keep their owners happy. They will bark profusely when strangers approach and are often somewhat aloof around people they don't know.

Grooming & Shedding of a Fox Terrier

The Fox Terrier with wire hair requires frequent grooming with a stiff bristled brush or a pin brush. If the dog is to be shown it will need to be stripped to shape the coat correctly. Wirehaired Fox Terriers should not be clipped as it will damage the coat and prevent them from being shown. Professional groomers can easily complete the stripping process to remove long and dead hairs every three or four months. Overall the Fox Terrier sheds very little and is often recommended for people with mild dog allergies.

History of the Fox Terrier

The wirehaired Fox Terrier was developed for fox hunting in very rough and dense terrain in England in the 18th century. Unlike the smooth coated variety that was quickly converted to a companion dog, the wirehaired Fox Terrier was used for hunting as well as a companion dog. In 1984 the American Kennel Club recognized the smooth and wire coated varieties as separate breeds.

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